Release Your Weight


Release Your Weight With Hypnosis!

Many people over-eat or eat the wrong foods to comfort themselves, reward themselves, punish themselves or protect themselves – or a combination of these. Your body only needs a certain amount of nutritious food to function properly. Anything else you eat is ‘mind food’ – your mind eats because it is bored, anxious, sad, happy or for many other emotionally charged reasons.

Diets fail because they do not address the real problem, emotional eating.

Most dieters have lost sight of what a healthy approach to food is.  We need to eliminate all the negative emotional connections to food, calories & weight and begin to focus on good physical & emotional health, positive self-esteem and self confidence.

Over a number of weeks with Hypnosis, you are able to recognize and release all of those negative emotional connections you have to food and eating. Hypnosis helps retrain your mind and you begin to eat like nature intended –you eat only good health and nutrition and eat only when your body is is truly hungry. You will address your emotional issues behind your eating, and develop a new lifestyle that is the healthiest for you.

There is also an additional option for you to consider:
The Hypno-Band — Virtual Gastric Band

Is including whole wheat and other whole grains as a part of your daily food intake a good way to lose weight and control your blood sugars? Take a few minutes to watch the video Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. It will truly open your eyes!

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